Tuesday, November 17, 2009

60% ? ? That was a "D" back when I was in school !

     There were two interesting articles in the NY Times today, side-by side with one another. One article was an excellent review of the advances we've made in dental implant therapy. The other was a history of water fluridation going back to the 1930's (when Fluoride's beneficial effects on developing tooth enamel were discovered).

     Unfortunately, the article also says (with a note of triumph) that almost 60% of public drinking water in this country is now fluoridated. How they score this as a victory is beyond me. Back in school, I remember 60% being a "D".  The lack of fluoridation in some of the richest partis of this country, such as the "gold coast" of Long Island, is a national disgrace. If 60% of children were being vaccinated, or if 60% of women were getting adequate prenatal care we would be appalled. Water fluoridation costs pennies per person per year, and is one of the great public health triumphs of the 20th century. Pity that we let luddites and science-averse "leaders" determine the course of public health policy in this country

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