Thursday, April 29, 2010

Letter to the Editor

To the Editor of the Los Angeles Times:

     Imagine my frustration  reading about the shortage of dentists at the Remote Area Medical clinic held in Los Angeles this past weekend. Hundreds of needy people went without care because California will not allow doctors licensed in other states to volunteer their services.
     I was prepared to fly to LA for this event, but my application was rejected as unacceptable because I am licensed in the state of New York.  This policy is truly inexplicable. Many doctors would willingly take time away from their own practices, patients and families, fly out at their own expense, and help those truly in need, if only it were allowed.
     California is a progressive and innovative state. There must be a way to promote and encourage this kind of volunteerism, as many other states do.

Mitchell Rubinstein D.M.D.

Printed in the L.A. Times, May 3rd 2010