Wednesday, December 9, 2009

High Tech? or just High Blech

Now that we've upgraded our office with digital radiography (X-rays) and computerized operatories, I have been noticing other doctors offices and the ways they use some of these capabilities. I have come to a few decisions.
1)     I do NOT wish to place flat screen TV's blasting CNN (or whatever) in my reception area. We're bombarded with media intrusions nearly every moment of our waking lives. Believe it or not, when I go to the gas station to fill up, there is now a TV showing ads right above the pump.
     I prefer offering my patients some nice music (jazz, folk or classical.. I detest "doctor office music").
2)     I also do NOT put pictures of teeth and smiles all over my office. Many practices have big 'before and after' smiles on all the walls, as well as not-so-subtle advertisements for teeth whitening services and products.
      My patients are pretty bright, so they already know they're in a dentist's office. I don't have to remind them with cheesy self promotion. We love doing esthetic enhancements and improving peoples' smiles, but it is not for everyone. I have plenty of excellent before and after photographs on my computer to show the people who ask to see them. For everyone else, beautiful, artistic, non-dental paintings and lithographs (many done by my patients) are a better demonstration of my commitment to providing a pleasant environment for my patients.

     Medical offices which ooze media/TV/promotional material are a big turn off for me. Especially when you still get a clipboard shoved in your face so you can "Sign In".
     High tech advances are a wonderful thing, but they do nothing for our patients unless we add a dose of humanity as well.

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